Synergy Events

Couple your sector to the new cool:
TSO2020 workshop, October 24, 2018, Brussels

Sector coupling is rapidly becoming the cool kid on the block in EU’s Energy transition.

Who and what does it take to develop a sector coupling project?

Which key players and key regulation need to be engaged?

How to get your “sector” connected to these exciting new developments?

The free of charge TSO2020 mid term workshop on October 24, 2018  at the third  Energy Storage Global Event, organised by the European Association for Storage of Energy in collaboration with the Directorate General for Energy and theJoint Research Centre of the European Commission form October 24- 26  2018 in Brussels, partner in the TSO2020 Action, will reveal the TSO2020 first preliminary results and highlight next steps.

Event Type:  Workshop
Date:  24th of October 2018
Location:  Brussels
Registration:  online


Photo: Courtesy EnergyStock

Sectorial integration and EU Multi Financial Framework for member states officials

Event Type:  Webinar (invitation only)
Date:  23rd of February 2018
Location:  Groningen, The Netherlands

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