Towards synergised infrastructures in the EU

TSO2020 is the largest Action approved in the first so-called Synergy call of proposal launched as part of the EU Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The EU CEF program is aiming to accelerate investments in the field of trans-European networks in transport, energy and telecommunications. Actions across sectors may enable costs or results to be optimised through the pooling of financial, technical or human resources, thus enhancing the effectiveness of EU funding. CEF Synergy calls for proposal support these synergies, in particular in areas such as smart energy grids, electric mobility, intelligent and sustainable transport systems, joint rights of way of infrastructure coupling.


Synergy Action TSO 2020

The proposed Action aims to exploit synergies between power storage solutions and alternative transport infrastructure needs. It will use existing power cable networks to dispatch the electricity flows from the Cobracable PCI to a nearby major gas network facility. Existing gas storage facilities and the national gas pipeline network (power to gas) will be unlocked to absorb the H2. Local businesses will provide H2 distribution via road transport in the Netherlands and the western part of Germany.
It is located on the TEN-T Comprehensive Network (E232 and E22) and on the North Sea-Baltic and Rhine-Alpine Core Network Corridors. It contributes to the implementation of the Cobracable PCI.
The activities combine studies, two pilot activities and a business plan for the scale up of grid management solutions.

Joining for Synergy

Facilitated by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and  Environment,  the Dutch Transmission System Operator, TenneT B.V, with the support of the Technical University of Delft, will cooperate with the Dutch TSO for Gas, the N.V. Nederlandse  Gasunie to monitor a power to gas pilot installation on the premises of Gasunie in Zuidwending.

In collaboration with the European Association for Storage of Energy a.i.s.b.l. (EASE), a Cost Benefit Analysis model will be developed that will allow for a comprehensive verification of storage and grid balancing equipment to enhance the power flow in high voltage lines, like the Cobra cable,  in relation to alternative fuel needs, like hydrogen.

The Stichting Energy Valley, as the regional agency responsible for facilitiating the energy transition in Groningen,  will be responsible for monitoring  the  Gasunie pilot and a hydrogen distribution pilot hub in Delfzijl  to ensure efficient distribution of hydrogen to the TEN T corridors, among which the stations of Green Planet Real Estate BV, a Dutch service station operator.

Together with European knowledge partners, the European Hydrogen Association (EHA) and ENERGY ENGINEERS GmbH a comprehensive business plan is developed including financial and location mapping.

Synergy building blocks: two pilots

The project will  see the construction of two pilot locations to respectively test  the impact of storage and grid balancing  equipment on the electrical and gas networks (Zuidwending pilot) and develop a hydrogen distribution hub (Delfzijl pilot) to efficiently distribute hydrogen to various end customers.

Synergy Market Outlook

TSO2020 project will provide a comprehensive business and financing outlook for the phased scale up of H2 production from electrical energy and its supply to sustainable transport needs on the TEN-T network, to engage national and regional stakeholders, as well as EU institutions, in considering the integration of hydrogen storage and grid balancing equipment in their networks to fuel transport corridors.